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Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College

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Thurston Community CollegeYear 10 GCSE
With the introduction of the new linear style GCSE examinations, Year 10 students sit the majority of their examinations at the end of Year 11. Students studying Cambridge Nationals (ICT and Science) will have examinations in Year 10.

Year 11 GCSE Examinations
Examinations are held in May / June and are the conclusion of a their secondary education. Students will be prepared for these examinations via their tutors, subject teachers and by way of the Mock Examination.

Year 12 and 13 GCE (A level) Examinations
Examinations and resits are held in May / June each year.  Year 12 students study for an AS grade and Year 13 students for an A2 grade.

ALL examinations are externally assessed and undertaken under strict rules and guidelines. Students are provided with advice and guidance on preparation and conduct. Additionally a Handbook is provided for the benefit of students which will outline preparation and examination conduct.

Controlled Assessment / Coursework Assessment
Some subjects have Controlled Assessments or coursework assessments in addition to written examinations which will be taken prior to any written examination – please contact your subject teacher for more information.

Examination Entrance Fees
Students entering for external examinations at the end of their courses normally have the necessary fees paid by the College from the budget delegated by the Local Authority. Candidates who enter examinations other than at the end of a College course will normally be expected to pay their own entry fee. Likewise any resit fees are also charged. Fees for GCSEs are approximately £30.00 per GCSE. Fees for GCE are normally £20 per unit.

Summer 2018 Examination Timetable (GCSE and GCE)

Examination Results Days:       GCE Results Day Thursday 16 August 2018
                            GCSE Results Day        Thursday 23 August 2018

Examinations Officer:  Mr Kevin Smith    01359 230885  extension 1181