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Year 7 Parent & Student Evening

Our online Year 7 Parent and Student Evening takes place on Thursday 10 June 2021 from 4:15pm-7:15pm.

We are looking forward to discussing your child’s academic progress with you.
Appointments for the online evening are made on a first come first served basis by visiting https://thurstoncollege.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/. The window for booking online appointments opens on 24 May 2021 and closes on 7 June 2021. If you find that a member of staff is fully booked, please add your details to the waiting list and we will contact you.

All calls take place via video link using the SchoolCloud Parents Evening System. Once you have booked your appointments you will receive an email from SchoolCloud entitled Video Call Invitation, with links to your appointments. The duration of each appointment is five minutes, there will be a minute gap between each appointment to allow transition time to and from the next appointment. A countdown at the bottom of the screen will indicate the minutes remaining on the call. To begin the appointment both the staff member and the parent/carer will need to click ‘start meeting’.

Please click on the link below to a ‘Parent's Evening Video Call Guide’ for further information. https://vimeo.com/473882995?from=outro-embe

There is the added feature now that each video call can now involve up to two parents/carers on separate devices. As you make your bookings, click the button to 'Invite Parent/Guardian', and enter the email address of the other parent/carer and an invite will be sent which grants access to the call. The additional parent then clicks the link in the email to join the appointments. Full details of how it works are explained the guide:


If you are expecting difficulties with holding virtual appointments, please email Tward@thurstoncollege.org.

To enable the appointments to be as beneficial as possible it is helpful if you can indicate, at the time of booking, any specific questions you would like answered. To this end, you may wish to view the most up to date information on your child’s GO4Schools profile (www.go4schools.com) in advance of the meeting. We encourage your child to attend the appointment also.

Yours sincerely
Sarah Dunsdon
Assistant Principal: Parent Engagement