UPDATE: CHANGES TO EXAMINATIONS IN SUMMER 2022 (and contingency arrangements)

This single page document is a summary of the changes that the DfE have made to 2022 examinations in recognition of the disruption to education caused by the pandemic over the last couple of years.  You can read a detailed explanation of these changes by following the links to the DfE webpages within the document.

There is also a letter from Ofqual to all students.  Ofqual are the organisation who make sure that all qualifications and exams in English are run properly.  This letter describes that if examinations are not able to go ahead in summer 2022, you will instead recieve Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) based on the assessment evidence your teacher collects over the course of this academic year.  This will include mock exam grades, grades from significant class assessments and NEA work (non-exam assessments i.e. coursework).  The Government thinks that it is unlikley that exams will be cancelled and are firmly commited to exams going ahead in summer 2022.