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At Thurston Community College we instil the highest priority to preparing our students to become successful in a career which best matches their enthusiasms and abilities. Our programme of Careers advice and guidance aims to help students at every stage as they make decisions about their future.

The Academic Tutor -  As with many aspects of life at Thurston Community College the Academic Tutor has an overview of the progress of students in their care and is key in giving personal advice on different options and pathways through tutor time activities. This happens across all year groups.

During lesson time – Time is spent in lower school lessons, specifically looking at the decisions which are relevant to each student’s current year group.  There is a strong ethos of older years sharing their experience with younger students and numerous opportunities for students to hear about the whole range of different options from Sixth Form to vocational courses and apprenticeships.

Work Experience – We are proud of the fact that throughout the Pandemic we have adapted to provide virtual Work Experience opportunities across Years 10 and 11. Students spend time throughout the year developing their employability skills and reflect upon how their experience will help in deciding their future pathways.  Year 10 students also take part in a work-related learning week which includes life skills, post 16 provision, work ethics, employer engagement and developing a valuable insight into the world of work.

After Thurston – The majority of students who leave our Sixth Form go to university and we offer a rigorous programme to prepare and support students with applications and life away from home.  At the same time we support all of our students in deciding whether university is for them and offer a whole range of sessions which explore different careers and entry requirements.      

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What We do in Careers and our Future Plans

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