DIRT and Progress Dialogue

What is DIRT?

Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) is an opportunity to spend time reflecting on your work and adding to it to make it even better. It is an important part of your progress dialogues which consist of three main steps:


 As part of your DIRT work, your teacher might ask you to:

  • redraft a piece of work;
  • complete targeted questions to develop specific parts of your work;
  • complete a new activity that develops the skill that you need to work on;
  • engage in further reading and add new information to your existing notes;
  • set yourself meaningful targets for your next assessed piece of work and highlight where you have met that target, and so on.

You can also reflect on and improve your work in your own time. For example:

  • reviewing lesson notes and improving them;
  • proofreading and correcting a piece of homework before submitting it;
  • engaging in research on a topic and adding to lesson notes;
  • testing yourself on key words and concepts you have learned and then correcting any errors.

The best way for you to make excellent progress is to keep taking small steps to move yourself forward in your learning. Completing your DIRT work is the first step in the right direction!