We were delighted to welcome Gemma Raymond and the NCS team to our assembly this morning.  The National Citizen Service is an incredible organisation whose aim is to bring people together through a series of residential activities.  There are 3 themes for the activities: Be Epic! Live Life! Do Good!  Students from Thurston Community College have been particpating in NCS programmes for many years and have always found it incredibly beneficial and rewarding.  All Year 11 students have a letter and a link to the NCS website.  Please take a look and seriously consider the benefits of signing up.  You will stand out in the crowd with this on your college and job applications.  Hand in the letter at the Year 11 Office or apply directly via their website. 






In our online assembly this morning, Year 11 were reminded to keep High Performance at the forefront of their minds.  Two weeks ago we spoke about "Doing the best you can do with what you have got at the time."  A great mantra to live and work by.  It's a phrase we hear all the time and, with so many people saying it, there must be some truth in it.  Even Meatloaf said it in an interview with a young James Corden in 1995!

High Performance happens with preparation and planning.  This includes getting yourselves in the best place.  This week, think about how much sleep you get.  Keep a sleep diary ready for our assembly on Friday.